Posted by: Farhad | November 24, 2008

Secrets of living to be 102?

Scientists are constantly studying centenarians, that’s people who live to be 100 or over a 100 years old. We want to know their secrets of staying young and living longer so that we can be just like them.

Here is one example you’ll find in Houston, Texas:Hedayat Razaman was born in Iran on January 12th, 1904, before WWI, penicilin, cars, and even washing machines.

So what are his secrets?

  1. No red meat (diet)
  2. Plenty of fruits and vegetables (diet)
  3. No alcohol (diet)
  4. Work out 6 days a week (Exercise)
  5. Gardening (Physical Activity)
  6. And probably most importantly, a loving and supportive wife and family (Healthy relationships)

Not as hard or complicated as you thought, huh?

I bet he doesn’t pump his body full of drugs either.

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