Posted by: Farhad | April 21, 2009

Effects of Milk on Your Health

In recent years milk and dairy in general has come under increasing scrutiny.

Monsanto Lawyers kill Fox News story on Milk

If that one doesn’t wake you up, then try this one from Robert Cohen, the author of “Milk, the Deadly Poison”:

If science is not enough to make you think twice about drinking milk, then watch this PETA video on the conditions that dairy cows are kept in factory farms.

Forgetting about all of this, if you just think about it from a common sense point of view, taking into account some basic principles you learned in biology class, you’ll see that cow milk is not appropriate for human consumption.

First off mammals, the family that the homo sapien species  (humans) belong to, do not consume milk after they are weaned off. You do not see that anywhere in nature. Humans are the only mammals that continue to consume milk beyond infancy and even puberty.

Second, no one out there goes to drink someone else’s milk, that is the milk of another species. You don’t see tigers drinking wolf milk, or sheeps drinking chimpanze milk, or cow’s drinking deer milk, or deers drinking elephant milk, etc. I’m sorry but that’s just plain dumb. And yes, I did consume dairy products for the first 35 years of my life.

The protein in milk, cascin, forms a guey solution in human stomachs and is not really digestable by human consumption.

Calcium is not absorbably in presence of protein and milk is basically liquid protein.

The hormone rBGH or recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone is passed on from cows to humans and is bio active in humans causing various health issues including early puberty.

The rBGH also causes udder infection in cows and the puss from the udder finds its way into the milk as well. Yummmy. These infections are the reason why non-organic cows must be treated with antibiotics.

rBGH also creates painful and crippling joint disease in cows and that’s simply inhumane. It also causes the udders to grow painfully large and beyond normal capacity.

Still think milk does a body good?

But what about organic milk?

Of course if you have to drink milk, then I would highly recommend that you do not even go near any milk that is not organic. Also organic milk has the added benefit that the cows are fed with organic feed and you’ll be saving your body the added toxic effects of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.

From what I have read it seems like goat milk is more closely available to human body than cow milk. Another thing that you want to keep in mind is that you should go for raw milk because the process of pasteurization destroys much of the protein and good bacteria that are in milk. And if you are going to go for raw milk, then I would highly recommend that you make sure that it is from a trustworthy source, i.e. that you check out the farm and the sanitary conditions that the milk is produced in and make sure that the milk is very fresh to avoid the potential possibility of food poisoning.

To recap my recommendations:

  1. Avoid milk and dairy products alltogether
  2. Or if you have to drink milk, then go for fresh raw goat milk from a sanitary and trustworthy source.

To your health,



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